Sunday, April 22, 2018

Week 9

So this is an unintentional situation. Part of consistent blogging is having a blog day. At least for me it is. My day is Friday. Sometimes I post on Saturday if things have been rushed, and so far it has worked. But not this week. This week I have been dealing with more than the usual life stuff and come Friday evening started coming down with a migraine that proved it was in for the duration. Lasting all day Saturday and into today. The reasons are not intended to excuse, but to give back story. Bottom line is I didn't blog on time. Thing is there are a couple ways to look at this situation. 1) I could have blogged any day this past week. I didn't have to wait until Friday. That means i didn't set myself up for success when I should have. My fault and failure. 2) I blogged as soon as I was able and though late followed the intention of the journal if not the exact letter of it. Regardless of how you view the situation, the fact remains my week 9 blog went live in the beginning of week 10. Being something I take seriously, I feel taking public accountability of my lack of action is important. I see it no different than a speeding ticket. The signs for speed allowances are (in most cases) clearly posted, and where not posted there are understood guidelines of expectation. This is a known fact. When I choose to speed and get caught, I am accountable in that I was aware of the expectation and chose to not act accordingly. Many people plane the police officer giving the ticket, which I think is silly. That person has no control of the choices I make, however they are tasked with dealing with the results of the choices I make. So at the end of the day, I pay my fine and accept I have control of my gas pedal. Just as I have control of my keyboard. Moral of the story is I'll do better.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Week 8

The bane of my existence... in C major No not really, though I do find many people live as though everything is a massive disaster. Others not so much, G major. I often find myself saying "That's my first world problem for today" and sometimes I say it more than once. G major 7. The thing is it's very easy to forget yourself and get caught up in the little frustrations. I have by no means gotten that particular habit under control, as anyone who spends more than 5 seconds realizes, C major. But there is a difference between a good vent and actually stockpiling frustrations, C major. Sometimes its the small transitions that make all the difference, A minor. Such as remembering that we have a home, food, and a family who usually loves us but makes no promises in the heat of the moment when we are melting down, D major 7. So I do my best, as often as needed to remember that there are worse things out there than what ever currently has my Irish up, G major. There are things that are quite powerful in positivity in this world that can be easily overlooked if you are distracted by things that are irritating but have no real impact, G major. Like when second cup runs out of whipped cream for my caramel hot chocolate, not ideal but is it really worth self-destructing the rest of my day? G major. No it's really not, G major 7. And yet I've seen people implode over just such an occasion (not me) C major. It gives me cause to wonder if they realize the impact they are having on the person they are raining pain on because their mocha frapawhatever won't make their butt as big as fast, C major. If anything the person at the barista is doing them a favour for not adding the fluffy good stuff to their impending heart attack, A minor. I mean I'm all for accountability and doing your best at your job and not making mistakes that will impact others, A minor 7. Sometimes it's a reality, which is unfortunate but again is it really worth choosing to be upset over? D major. I don't think so, D major 7. The real trick is keeping that choice in front of you, the fact that you choose to be happy, sad, angry, goofy, belligerent or whatever, G major. You have that power and you choose to see things as a disaster or as a first world problem, G major 7. I think what a lot of us don't realize is, it's those little challenges that define us and make us stronger or weaker. Make us happy or miserable, make us what we are because they drive what we do. It's up to us to change that difficult cord and turn it into a positive note, C major.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Week 7

So it's blog time again. The team meeting was interesting. I learned some new awesome things about our team. But what struck me was how reluctant people were to talk about themselves. I could be reading it wrong, but I think a lot of people were selfconcios. Not surprising really, more puzzling. We always talk about bonding and being a team and a support structure, yet we spent a lot of time discussing how hard it is for us to really pull together and form bonds. We had some good suggestions on how to resolve it, but still I wonder if it is less to do with reaching out an more to do with our own fears of rejection. I'm fairly sure at one point or other we have questioned ourselves, at least I know I have had my struggles with feeling like I was valued. So in the end, know I value you and see you as someone with something to contribute. It's not just about finding your voice, it's about believing others want to hear it. I want to hear your voice.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Week 6 - The Sequel

So I thought I would post a follow up on the swimming front. Bought a bunch of my gear and my scuba course yesterday. Went for my swim, figured I would try out the prescription goggles (which are awesome) and the diving booties. I didn't want to use the fins yet, because I thought I should get used to a few pieces at a time, and I knew the fins would make the swim easier by a large margin. So on went the booties. Holy Crapolie I thought I was gonna drown! Those boots weigh nothing when dry and are so comfy you forget you are wearing them. But get em wet, and you might as well try to tow a car engine across the pool. Pretty sure I looked like an Orca with a back problem, flopping around and puffing away. Special thanks to Mr. Sollinger for not falling over laughing (he subbed in for Sifu Beckett because she couldn't make our swim appointment). Aside from looking like a drowning fool, it cut my swim in half. I only completed 12 lengths as apposed to the 20 I have worked to build up to. Each length is 25m so 20 lengths is 500m or a half km, and I was rather proud of my progress. Add the booties, and wham! down to a quarter km and legs feeling like they went 10 times that far. So what is the moral of this story, well I'll be wearing booties and working my way back up. I was still able to complete the required 250m for the course wearing the booties, and the course is in June, so I have time to build up the strength. Not a lot of time, but still time to work on it.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Week 6

I have a few minutes so I thought I would post early this week. This is sort of a shout out as much as a blog post. Part of my year of the dog journey is involving getting my Scuba Diving license. Part of that is becoming a better swimmer. Since we have to walk, run, bike or swim 1000 miles anyway, I am trying to kill 2 birds as it were. I'm up to swimming .5km 3 times a week and working toward getting up to a full Km 3 times per week (hopefully by the end of April). Its a bit slow, but Ive always liked swimming so not a big deal. My other milage is coming along nicely between walking and biking. But I digress. So I've spoken a couple people about the swimming and thought I would put it out there for the ICH should they decide to join us. I swim Tuesday night after the 2nd degree class (9pm - 10pm), Friday after my guitar lesson (@ 6pm - 7pm) and Saturday after open training (time depending on if I am locking up for the day and if there is a team meeting). So those are the tentative times and so forth. If anyone wants to get some time in the water, you are welcome to join us. If not, well that's good too.

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Week 5

This week went terminally slow and incredibly fast all at the same time. Talk about your time paradox. Perhaps a resolution can be found by someone more clever than I. I'm not here to talk about temporal and spacial displacement... at least not today. My conundrum, query, postulation if you will, for the week is the line between disbelief and full on jaded skepticism. The difference between, Am I buying what your selling? and Don't even unpack the crapola, I'm not interested in hearing it. Where is that line, and how does one get to that point? For example. Historically I work with some people who have what we lovingly refer to as the "Klinger Files". For those unversed in the M*A*S*H television series Klinger was a corporal who would stop at nothing to get out of the Korean War, Army and any duties there in. One of the more entertaining episodes is when during a reprimand of his lates ploys, he tried to convince his CO he needs a hardship discharge because both of his brothers were killed. Col. Blake turns around and pulls out a file, confirming with Klinger that his issue was deceased brothers. Upon opening the file, he flips through several identical letters with various people dying and others pregnant. The crowing jewel was the letter detailing that half the family was dying and the other half was pregnant. Hence the origin of the "Klinger Files". So back to reality. I work with people who have their own version of the Klinger File. It's sad, but true. Some of the numbers and "reasons" for their lack of attendance/engagement would make your head spin. I'm amazed any number of the leadership team have not gone bald for ripping out their hair. Enter the paradox. Each person needs to be treated as an individual, and you cannot judge one persons actions or needs by experiences you have had with others. Unfortunately you can't ignore life experience and common behaviours either. Do not sit in judgement, but Do not go blindly. So where exactly is that line. Thing is, I have a person in my sphere that has been here for around 2 weeks. I don't know this person, and I have no idea if I am getting legit reasons or Klinger File fodder for their lack of attendance/engagement. I try not to (and should not) judge them by the history of others as those histories are solely the property of those creating them. But I'm not just off the truck either. Said person has provided only their word for justification of their actions. And though I feel a great swell of empathy for the reason they give, I also have a great deal of doubt and no point of reference or evidence that their reason is true. Is this person going through a tragedy or are they full of it? I have no way of knowing for sure short of demanding proof, and is that really something one should do right out of the gate. Should this person not be given the benefit of the doubt. I guess that depends on who is benefiting. So there it is. I have no doubt I am jaded toward being fed a line of creative facts and I have no doubt how I came to this place of narrowed perspective. The question is, am I being played, or am I judging someone for someone else's sins. Time will tell.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Week 4

I had many topics to blog this week, but it's been such a cluster of a week that everything seems muddled. Hence the Saturday blog. You see there is a method to the madness for blogging on Friday. For this such occasion I still have a day's grace to get a blog up and running. And I do mean running. My brain is like a hamster on a wheel and there is a very read danger of that fat lil bugger flying across the room. So then what to blog about. Well for starters we are 4 weeks in. Not sure if anyone else is feeling the crunch but man that went fast. It's shard to believe we are past the half way mark in March. Seriously, where has the time gone. 2 more weeks and we will be a 1/4 way through this year. dun dun daaaa. So I sit her blogging, between throwing a ball for the most spoiled puppy in the farm's history, and think if only I had it that good. Her biggest stresses are going to the dog wash and not having a designated human for ball throwing purposes. Must be nice. I suppose I should have a moral to the blog, every great blog has one... hahahaha, almost got that out with a straight face. So remember that as long has you have a warm place to sleep, enough food, and family who cares about you, everything else is a 1st world problem. Keep that in perspective and you have it made.